Cut 500 calories a day

To lose half a kilo a day, just to cut about 3,500 calories. Do you find many? They are not, if you eat a little less and do a little more exercise daily

  • Breakfast
    Take 2 scrambled eggs for breakfast instead of a bagel and two tablespoons of cream cheese.280 CALORIES LESS!
  • Mid-morning
    Stay away at chocolate syrup to toss the coffee.100 CALORIES!
  • Lunch
    Cling two brisk walking five minutes instead of reading the updates of your Face book.30 CALORIES LESS!

  • Late
    Make it a beer, not two. And Doritos.145 CALORIES LESS!

I think, therefore I am weak
If you think about what you ate for lunch you might think twice before swallowing a pizza the size of Texas at 15h. In a study published in the journal Physiology and Behavior , participants had to taste three kinds of salty popcorn and told them they could eat as many as they liked. Interestingly, those who were asked to recall what they had taken the lunch consumed about 30 percent less popcorn than other volunteers who were asked to recall a meal the day before.

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