Common Errors in diets

Errors in dietsGetting weight lose dieting but you see that the scale does not move or if you believe that the regime is working for you despite your good intentions you might be making a mistake easy to fix. If you want your efforts will lead to weight loss you discover the most common mistakes to try to avoid and to achieve your perfect diet.

Eating foods that trick: Containers reporting on products such as shakes or bars are convenient but are of little long-term. There are other more healthy foods with the same or fewer calories as yogurt.

No rest in conditions: Skimping on sleep is often detrimental to weight loss because it can slow down your metabolism and, being more tired, can lead to overeating. A recent study showed that people who slept fewer hours of sleep ate 500 extra calories a day.

Doing too much exercise: Sport is important and necessary but for good measure, because if we had can be counterproductive. According to experts, about 80% of the diet should be based on nutrition and only 20% in the year.

Always choose salad: Contrary to what you may think, always eating salad is not recommended for weight loss. Experts recommend a soup, rice or even a snack rather than a salad, because it does not contain enough carbohydrates to control hunger hormones.

Excessive portions: The fact that a food is healthy does not mean you can eat in vast quantities. Change white bread to whole of butter or olive oil chips to nuts is good but in proportion. The portion control is still key.

Eating too soon: If you dine in the evening, then at night the body craves more food. Healthy eating at night can avoid nocturnal binge eating ice cream or cookies.

Dieting alone: the support of family and friends increases the probability of losing weight. If your relatives are not enough, the help of a specialist you may also be useful for your purposes.

Never snack or breakfast: People think that when you are dieting you need to eat less frequently but is the opposite. Actually need to eat more often but in smaller amounts.

Do not write a food diary: Experts say that keeping a diary of the foods you eat each day helps to be more responsible and reduce the amount of calories consumed.

Drink acute to short: the replacement of water or juice drinks can make a dent important daily calorie count. According to one study, people who drank two glasses of water before each meal consumed up to 90 calories less.

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