Coffee helps you weight lose

Coffee dietCoffee is a highly consumed beverage in Mexico and around the world, yet we know little of the benefits it brings to health as a natural, healthy, and affordable for those who want to keep your body in top condition through daily exercise, a healthy diet and a supplement so beneficial to the organism.

Coffee and physical activity
Several researchers have studied the effects of caffeine as a substance that increases athletic performance. Caffeine is often used by professional athletes or as a stimulant for people doing recreational physical activity or health improvement goals.

Studies suggest that caffeine improves physical performance in aerobic exercise or resistance by increasing the release of adrenaline in the blood, stimulating the release of free fatty acids from adipose tissue and muscle.

The muscles used earlier this fat as fuel, reducing the need for carbohydrates. This glycogen sparing allows the fatigue caused by physical exertion appears so late.

A sports drink
If you’re an athlete you want to improve your performance, coupled with a better quality coffee we recommend, as it offers the alternative of having frequent consumption will benefit you to clean the body by substances called Polyphemus which are antioxidants against aging of cells.

If you are a professional athlete what experts recommend an intake of caffeine 3-9 mg / kg (approximately 1 to 2 cups of coffee precast) prior to exercise because it will increase your performance during prolonged endurance exercise and exercises short duration of 5 minutes.

Shows the teratogenic effect of caffeine in both an aerobic activity to increase energy expenditure with a consequent decrease in body weight through its effect on the utilization of fatty acids and in an anaerobic activity which also showed an increase in energy expenditure and decreased body weight.

It is shown that coffee consumption ultimately provides significant health benefits if complemented by a diverse diet, balanced and accompanied by physical activity.

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