Candy Diet

dietCandy Diet is one of the most accepted diets. Its founders were avid climbers and tourists. These people are expenses much time in the campaigns have noticed that the candy perfectly suppress hunger and it does not have a negative effect on the stomach. Naturally, this fact simply could not miss the friends of the same climbers and as a result they began to use it to hold back hunger candy and, of course, for weight loss.

A diet base on eating candy instead of the usual meals. One day, on average, have to eat about one pack of candy, which is almost 80 grams.

Sometimes you need to lose weight as quickly as possible; in this case, you have only one candy. Otherwise, the process of losing weight will be delayed for a longer period. But if this process can be stretched, then the usual food intake – is preserved. But in this case, there is one caveat – you can only have up to 16 hours. In this case, only the candy will be replaced by dinner and, of course, the nightly meals. In order to apply such a diet, do not have to wait for appointment of a nutritionist, you can do everything yourself. In addition, as the handling of the day it is this diet would be ideal. According to the recommendations of doctors, such a day is best done once a week.

Many women initially make candies of different firms. But practice shows that it is sufficient to effectively use the candies, which include vitamins. They can be purchased at any pharmacy. In the first week, it is advisable to choose for them a strict regime, namely, in addition to these candies can not use anything else to eat. If you do everything right, then after the first few days, must burn more pounds overweight. This man does not feel the discomfort of hunger…

Sometimes, when any diet, there is always a feeling of malaise in the case of candy diet, such assumptions simply disappear. Practice shows that after 3-4 days after the start of a diet consumed before the two kilograms. Then the process of losing weight a little slower, but the condition does not deteriorate. Thus, for several more days, decreases in the average half a kilogram of excess weight each day.

For this reason, it turns out that with proper nutrition during the first week of dieting can effortlessly lose on average about 5 pounds of weight. Naturally, for many women, this is quite enough and so they stop the diet. But there are those who want to throw more weight, so the need for diet candy is not eliminated.

It is worth emphasizing that in no case be dramatically renew the old diet after diet. This can greatly harm and lead to the original result. Experts recommend the second week to recover breakfast. If so done, the process of weight loss will continue. For example, a complete meal is recommended to restore only the third week. Of course, if the result is completely satisfactory, then the diet can be completed. Whatever it was, at least once a week should arrange fasting days.

Candy diet is characterized by many advantages over other methods of weight loss. For example, the main negative quality of many diets is that while they always want to use sweet and, as a rule, people are not constrained. As a result, once the weight is added. In addition, most diets are based on the use of low-calorie food, which in turn can not saturate the body. Therefore it is necessary along with a diet drink more nourishing food.

For the normal functioning of the human body is required to drink about two liters of fluid per day. When candy diet is not hard to do it, because the body itself will require water. In addition, the candy diet is not demanding on the financial cost, because the sweets are not expensive.

Sometimes it happens that the candy is just tired. In this case, you can easily combine this diet with fruit, which can not be done with other diets. The process of weight loss will continue.

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