Building the waist

waist harmIf a skirt or jeans too tight at the waist – that means it’s time to do waist. In addition to an exercise program, you will need a healthy diet. Remember that the waist harm the butter, fried foods and pastries. But fish, poultry and bran bread is very helpful.

The presence of protruding belly – not always a consequence of excess weight . The reason may be the weakening of the abdominal muscles or poor posture.

At the beginning of training each exercise should be repeated five times. A few days later the rate increase to six, and after a few weeks – up to twelve repetitions.

– Stand sideways to the left a chair or sofa to step away. Left leg at the knee straight, lean (feet) on a chair or sofa. On the “one” bend down, touching the fingers to the right pivot foot. On “two” straight. On “three” lean down to the left, touching the fingers of common foot (feet), which relies on a chair. At the “four” straighten up. Repeat the exercise five times. Change the starting position, lean your right foot and perform this exercise for the waist to the other side the same time.

– Lie on your back, pull your hands behind your head. Doing inhale, lift your hands up, chin and lower to your chest. Lean forward, trying to reach out your hands to your toes (exhale). Be careful to not strain the back. But the abdominal muscles during exercise do not forget to stretch.

– Sit on the floor, legs, spread apart, hands forward at shoulder level. Slowly turn the torso to the left, to failure, and then slowly turn the torso to the right. Make 6 of these twists and lie on your back, totally relaxed muscle.

– Another exercise for the waist. Stand with your back against the wall, his hands along the lower thighs. Turn your face to the wall, trying not to move the lower part of the body. With both hands touch the wall, pause for a few seconds, return to starting position. The same goes the other way.

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