Aerobics for weight loss

Aerobics weight loseAerobics became a popular sport for people of any age class. Increasingly common in society, this activity is an acceptance that is growing among us, thanks to the many benefits it provides.

It gives advantages both physically, as a psychological level and is effective for all those who need to feel good, achieve balance in their lives and also lose weight.

Now, what the aerobics?
You could say that this sport combines gymnastics with music and rhythm. The various movements, occur in moderate intensity, fast or slow, the periods when it is done, can be long or short, depending on the person and their individual characteristics. Within this practice, we can mention the aerobics with elements (balls, steps, rods, bars).

This sport is fun and enjoyable to perform, since it includes music of different styles, body movements and choreography adjustable intensities.

Benefits of aerobic

There are many advantages offered by this practice. Among them we can mention a few: helps to reduce body weight, regulate blood pressure, improve conspiratorial activity, reduce bad cholesterol, promote balance and body coordination and also to increase energy.

In turn, aerobics contributes to the development of strength, flexibility and endurance, for increasingly long periods, decreases the risk of cardiovascular or respiratory diseases and a release of endocrines. Similarly prevents osteoporosis, keeps us healthy and fit and increases muscle and joint flexibility.

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