A masochistic method of thinning

thinningA method masochistic arise once more illnesses linked to eating disorders, one of them is the Anorexia, popularly known as the diet of pain?. Although relatively rare and has not been officially recognized, it is known that this eating disorder is spreading rapidly, especially over the Internet, where many sick for encouragement communicate, share tips, exchange unhealthy diets or doing competitions loss of all on vinyl peso.Concern decorative.

Anorexia is considered an eating disorder 2nd. Generation, which has evolved from anorexia. It combines anorexic behavior, bulimic, orthopedics, next to a body abuse and the use of slimming methods that inflict pain and masochistic cravings away, causing rapid weight lose and a Anorexia permanents.

Method? used to get extreme thinness, which is visible only to the eyes of others, for those who suffer from thinning out of control until you reach a point where we can not look so objective.Quinines have Anorexia are generally people with low self-esteem depressed, with some family problems, social or emotional that this disease has led to people looking for a saliva. Son belongs to the most extreme anorexics, called? Ana?, which includes those who are unaware of the severity of their actions and can reach the absolute limits, even suicide, if not accepted as son.

Dependence of how involved they are with the disease, people with Anorexia fit into any of the following types: the rookies are recognized as? Winnable? , those that worship is extreme thinness? china? and finally? Extreme? Are those who will do anything to lose weight, including people auto lesions., these forms of acting, when combined, meet their needs for self-image, self esteem and much better than the classic eating disorders, with? the advantage? that while deeply relieve anxiety and do not arouse suspicion in relatives or friends.

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