7 Ways to be a loser

Weight loseIt is a situation in life where being a loser is the steps 7 below, then who knows … could only be a LOSER.

Step 1. To make the decision
now, right here … make a decision that is going to lose x amount of weight and reach your target weight x pounds. Then write it! Go ahead, get a piece of paper and write down now … Wait.

Step 2. GET REAL
select a weight loss plan found to produce Actual results & the Roadmap! If South Beach Diet Sonoma Diet Carb Rotation, weight loss success! or some other sound-based system nutrition … choose one, start the plan and Stick With It!.

help. Do not attempt this alone. Tell your family what you’re doing and ask your game do not eat junk food or fattening food around. Also, go online and plug in a weight loss forum or community that is positive and supportive. Be careful not to connect to a forum that is full of whiners, complaining, activators or excuse makers. Here are some good at research,

Step 4. AGREE with your emotional baggage
deal with the emotional baggage that is feeding your weight problem. For Pete sake, how long we’ll ignore the white elephant in the room? Term weight loss depends on two things – what you eat and why you eat.

Step 5. LOSE trash
junk food out of your house and not buy those things now. Make it a policy not to keep snack foods at home. If you must cheat on your plan, make a One-Shot Deal when you’re out at a restaurant or a party … and ensure that only rarely occurs. But what we do not stock your cupboards with junk food and then try to resist it. This simply does not work.

Step 6. MOVE your stop
If it sounds rude let me put it another way, get some freakin year! No need to get crazy with this. Just start doing some physical projects on a weekly basis. Or take a couple of exercise DVDs that are fun – not boring! Try something like Tae Bo Amped or Hip Hop ABs. These are extremely effective and fun. Psych you a little. Tell yourself it really is not exercising, you are practicing just some hot dance moves half an hour, three times a week. How easy is that? 🙂

Step 7. GET drunk
of purified water and long. Drink 10, eight-ounce glasses of water per day. This is essential to help flush toxins and fat cells. But whatever you do, do not drink 10 glasses of the mud oozing out of your water pipes. Get a water filter or high-quality kitchen sink faucet and use only filtered water for drinking and cooking. Or buy bottled water in your supermarket.

Now you have everything you need to become a bona fide LOSER! So, go out and make it happen … For successful weight loss!

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