Yoga and Meditate while you eat

Weight DietsYoga and meditation or other techniques, you notice that your relationship to food changes completely with the result that you feel fitter and leaner.

One possible way to have a good relationship between your mind and to get food is to meditate while you eat. Practice first with a raisin. Here’s how:

Imagine that you are a scholar of the planet Mars are visiting the earth and never before seen a raisin. What do you see?
Bring the raisin to your nose and smell it. How would you describe the smell? Note what physical reactions she brings. Maybe the water runs you in the mouth. This is the mind-body phenomenon you respond to the expectation of food.

Investigate how the raisin feels. Remember the hand that they will bring to your lips. How do you hand how they should? Be aware of this movement, while the raisin in your mouth. What does your tongue with it? How come they go between your teeth?
Bite the raisin and begins consciously and gently chew. What happens in your mouth? How is it? There are hundreds of ways to describe taste, do your best.
As you chew, both the taste and consistency of the raisin change. Try to describe how.
Swallow the raisin has not yet even feel now some aversion. Become aware of this aversion. Swallow the raisin by and imagine how in the back of your mouth. Follow them to your stomach. And realize that you’ve become a raisin heavier.

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