Who can follow this diet?

Diet to anyone who has difficulty gaining weight and take at least 10 months training on an ongoing basis. But if you can not even see your abdominal muscles a bit (even with the best light in your bathroom or dressing room), or if your nickname is “chubby”, “Porky”, or have a problem with your cholesterol levels or a heart-related condition, you should not follow such diet.

Let me introduce the diet to gain one pound a week, is my version of a diet I’ve tried with success, I’m no giant, but I managed to increase my body weight over a period of 6 years of 48 Kg, 83 Kg I weigh now, I’m not completely cut or something similar, but I think that 35 pounds of weight is a good profit.

I designed a series of guides to help you get bigger without adding too much fat, not need a private chef, or leave your job or school to follow this diet and spend all day in the kitchen or bathroom, no worry on the percentage of macro nutrients or calories, plus they have drawn up a list of foods and supplements that should be in any program to gain weight to make things even easier.

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