What is the constitution of his body?

body weightThese are the features:
Longilinear: optical sensation is of being narrow and elongated. The height is greater than the size of the arms, the legs are long and the muscles and trunk are very fine.
Normilinea: corresponds to the harmonious development of all organs, muscles well-trained members average.

The height corresponds to the maximum aperture of the arms.
Shortlined: people with square shapes, with a tendency to obesity and relatively short. The musculature is well developed and bodily strength is readily apparent.

Nutrition Recommendations

The objectives of the recommendations are to maintain the correct weight and prevent diseases related to improper food, such as increased cholesterol, triglycerides or blood pressure, among others. The indications are aimed at healthy adults.

a) For groups:
Cereals and cereal products (bread, rice or pasta) and potatoes: they can be consumed daily and provide complex CHO.

Vegetables and fruit: recommended five to seven servings a day.

Milk and dairy products: one or two servings a day are sufficient, except for special stages, such as pubertal development, pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Legumes: a consumption of one or two servings per week is correct, but can be increased if desired.

Eggs: Eggs provide high-quality protein, with a good quality / price ratio. Its use should be limited in persons having hypercholesterolemia, in these cases it is advisable not to exceed 2-4 per week.

Fish, chicken and lean meats are recommended three to five servings of fish a week, and four to six between chicken and lean meat.

Fatty meats and dairy products: two or three servings a week, although not essential and can be replaced by food the previous group.

Oil: The most recommended is the olive. People who are overweight should moderate their consumption.

Pastry, cakes and ice cream: on its high content of animal fat and simple sugars, you should restrict intake.

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