Weight lose tips for special days

Weight lose1. Provide before dinner the need to buy food or special products for diabetics, such as Christmas cakes, chocolates and sugar-free liquor. It should be borne in mind that alcoholic beverages such as spirits or beer have significant amounts of carbohydrates which easily rise in blood glucose.

2. Avoid dishes or side dish made of pasta, rice or potato, it is better to replace them with vegetable based or vegetable .

3. Is recommended to choose whole grain bread (not too much grease) to accompany your lunch or dinner. The fiber causes the release of glucose from the bread, is released more slowly to the peak blood glucose causing a moderate.

4. Make use of sweeteners to sweeten coffee, tea or dessert and put aside table sugar.

5. It is recommended that people with diabetes do not alter their usual diet before the big Christmas dinner, because if they try to eat less during the early morning they may have low blood sugar.

6. Medication, if that makes use of insulin or oral agents, should not be modified without the express order of the physician. This can lead to increases or decreases in blood sugar.

7. Beware of fructose in fruit and lactose in milk, milk are also sugars and if you take these foods in excess after certain foods more copious than normal blood sugar can get too.

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