Weight lose for Stretching arms

Fast ArmsSomething you can do for a few minutes. You can do it sitting or standing. Because they are very simple, you can do even at work. This will improve blood circulation in your arms and shoulders.

Push-ups (Lizards)
This is done upside down on your chest and putting your arms in line with your shoulders. Descanza the palms of your hands on the floor. Strive without bending your back. Pause for a while and then returns to the first position. You can repeat this exercise for 10 times.

There are many aerobic exercises you can tone your arms. Also benefit other parts of your body, increase your energy well.
Dumbbell Exercises
There are combinations of exercises to slim arms with weights that can be found on the net and you will definitely help you tone the muscles in your arms as quickly as possible. After a few weeks, you will notice the great change in your arms.
Do these exercises, all standing.
Take the weights and put your arms at your sides, begin by raising one arm in the air until it is shoulder height, slowly and then go down (20 reps if you can), then do the same with the other and then the 2 at the same time … do not force yourself but you stand a little hurt … that if not keep your back straight you sink your head between your shoulders.
In the same position extends both arms to shoulder height and the weight has been holding out your hand toward your shoulder (ie close it) and extend it again (so 20 rep. The left., DEReC. And then both).
The previous exercise you can do it also with arms stretched forward and carry the hands to the body .. that’s good for breasts too.

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