Weight lose and get fit without going to the gym

weight loseGood shape and take care line without following a strict training routine? It is within your reach, if you become aware of how you move your body and take advantage of daily activities to exercise different muscles and joints! No one doubts the benefits to health and physical or mental gymnastics sport regularly, and physical activity on a regular figure in the medical recommendations is made to prevent or improve many ailments.

But lack of time or motivation, or the stressful and hectic pace of life that sometimes leaves some time for leisure; they often go to the gym become little more.

To keep you happy with your image, improve your fitness and increase your calorie intake you need only spend about thirty minutes to your body and pay attention to how you use it, while doing some simple tasks at home or at work.

Did you know that you can spend an hour singing 120 calories, 145 calories ironing, cleaning the windows 150 calories or driving the car, sweeping the floors 165 calories, 180 calories walking the dog or 1000 calories climbing the stairs?. There are many ways to burn energy.

They are small amounts of movement that do not involve severe or tedious routine, but you can help tone muscles, stay slim, improve your circulatory health and reduce your body fat, the excess is at the root of many diseases, from diabetes until some cancers.

By the way, your mood and self-esteem will also rise, not only the effect of physical activity, but because you know that despite all the problems you are caring for.

Furthermore, the effect of this “gym without gym “is cumulative, so you do not need to do all the exercises at once, but can spread over the day.

If you perform these activities throughout the day soon you will notice the benefits. In a few weeks will see that some items were adjusted and you will feel better and you find yourself with more energy and agility to move.

Move to get up
Instead of “jumping out of bed” like an automaton in the morning, put a few minutes before the alarm clock, wake up and stay in it. Take the time to move your feet up and down and draw circles in the sense of clockwise and in the opposite direction.
You can also grab your knees with your hands, bring them closer to your torso and retain that position in 10 seconds. In total a couple of minutes devoted to these “exercises bedroom.”

Heading to the office

If you have to travel to work by train, metro or bus, get a couple of stops earlier than usual, and continued the journey on foot, walking briskly and contracting belly.

While waiting for public transport arrives, you can also load the weight of your body again and leg alternately. Ten minutes of this street gymnastics helps to tone the thighs and legs.

At work
If you work sitting, stretch one leg and then the other forward and below the table, stretching the toes and holding the position for a few seconds.

If you’re standing, your legs together and contract the glutes for 10 seconds, or up their heels as much as you can and hang in there. You can spend 10 minutes on this “job training”.

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