Walking for weight lose

walkingMany dieters overlook the benefits of lower calories with a brisk hike. It’s free, enjoy the environment, practices, these comfortable, and you can take a good enough pace that you can burn calories, almost as much as running, but without the tension in your body …

The pace should be fast enough at the start you sweat, breathing hard, but you’re still able to hold a conversation.

How many times a week and how long you have to walk to get really good results? Some fitness experts recommend only 3 sessions of 30 minutes per week. Personally though, I think it is enough to make a big difference – is perhaps enough to keep from gaining more weight. What we really need to do is 45-60 minutes, 6-7 days a week.

Now this may seem like much, but you can fit into your weekly routine without problems. Also, no means need to start the routine at 100% intensity. Occupy only work one hour a day in your daily routine and go slowly and sooner than you expect you will do it automatically, without having to impose your goals prior to a hike in a few days and see results.

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