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Turn on losing weight

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by shahida

What can we do to speed up their metabolism to be healthier and losing weight? Of course, we can do nothing against the chemical processes at work in our bodies, but there are lots of little things to be done to increase its energy expenditure during the day. These actions should become daily habits, not only because they allow you to burn more calories, but also because, as a result, you have more energy and vitality, and will be healthier.

Whether it actually works, researchers at the Cooper Institute for Aerobics Research found that people in their daily lives that incorporated these little things, seemingly trivial, obtained the same results as those who were 20 to 60 minutes of vigorous exercise five once a week. Moreover, according to researchers at the Johns Hopkins University , 30 minutes a day to deliver results, as evidenced by the 4.5 pounds lost What the study subjects during the 16 weeks it lasted , higher than the loss of another group that was doing aerobics three times a week.


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