Top 30 errors in 100 Errors in Food

food1 The potatoes are fattening. They have a 75-80% water, the rest is carbohydrates that contributes only 85 kcal. per 100 grams, so it is not hyper caloric.

2 vegetables have neither protein nor fat. Are low in calories, but the amount of protein is acceptable

3 Combining vegetable protein quality are obtained. Vegetable proteins do not contain all the essential amino acids. Vegetarians attempt to combine the various vegetation types to provide these amino acids.

4 carrots and tomatoes enhance the view. But it is not only rich in vitamin A or retinol, so are leafy vegetables and certain fruits.

5 The Onion is good for circulation. Provides nutrients that have no involvement in the flow of blood, but sulfur compounds help prevent clotting.

6 The fruit should be taken on an empty stomach or between meals. The calories in a food are the same regardless of when it is taken.

7 Dried fruits lose most of their properties. Only lose water and retain a concentrated, most of the nutrients of fresh fruit.

8 The chestnut is one of the fruits have more calories. Is a product with low protein and fat, and has a higher proportion of water than other nuts.

9 The bread makes you fat. The caloric content of 100 g. white bread is about 250 kcal. As daily accompaniment of foods high in fat, we blame the extra kilos.

10 All grains contain gluten. Gluten is the main protein compound of all cereals except maize and rice.

11 The pulses are of low quality food. Help to improve our cholesterol levels, to control the percentages of sugar and prevent gastrointestinal diseases.

12 The legumes are foods low in fiber. The average is around six grams. fiber per 100 g. of cooked vegetables.

13 If you want to take iron eat vegetables. Iron is present in its ferrous form so the body uses this iron worse than we can supply the meat.

14 The vegetable fat. Are a balanced food, and fat as Guisen: less if stewed with vegetables if you have made with sausage or a pork.

15 Milk is the main source of calcium. Is a good source: 100 mg. per 100 ml, however, as in Spain consumes little milk cheese should be invoked (1000 mg. per 100 gr.).

16 Cow’s milk can take from six months of age. Unmodified cow’s milk is not appropriate for infants and not recommended for use before the child is one year.

17 The milk with vegetable fat is of lower quality than whole milk. Has all the features of regular milk with the advantage that it has no saturated fat or cholesterol.

18 People with lactose intolerance can not take dairy products. They should not drink milk, yogurt or cheese very fresh, but the cheeses are lactose free.

19 Burgos cheese is fat. Has 15-20% fat, percentages similar to those of some cheese spread or slices.

20 The Children’s cheese is a great source of fat. Contains less than 8% fat.

21 The yogurt contributes to longevity. It is beneficial to the intestinal flora, but its association with longevity is the result of marketing and not a scientific reality.

22 The meat fed more if consumed raw. Eating raw meat is more harmful for the number of parasites or microorganisms that may be present in it and disappear under the influence of heat.

23 Pork is the most fat. Fat is considered because it is associated to the bacon and sausages, but the lean pork has between 2 and 4% fat.

24 Organ meats and offal are rich in fat. They are rich in protein but low fat (5%).

25 white fish is better than blue. Intake more fatty fish or blue type has been associated with lower mortality from coronary heart disease.

26 The fish does not contain cholesterol. By definition contains saturated fat and cholesterol, but crustaceans, molluscs and fish blue than white.

27 The egg raises cholesterol levels. Cholesterol up eating more bacon, cream, sausages, cheese and buns as if you took the egg yolk.

28 The egg yolk is of little use because only cholesterol. Has linoleic acid, iron and vitamins A, D and E.

29 The egg feel bad for the sick liver. Refers to patients with disorders of the gallbladder, especially stones, not the sick liver.

30 To take fat is harmful to health. Eating fatty foods is associated with overweight, unruly personality and unhealthy. This is a mistaken belief.

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