Tips to weight reduce volume before the summer

weight reduceThe arrival of good weather, all those extra pounds that scare us but before we left over to get going with the “Operation Bikini” we have to consider resorting to crash diets is always a mistake, as his rebound effect gets worse even more overweight.

Still time to start the summer with a couple of sizes smaller! We’ll make our diet will always focused on burning fat reserves in our body and our muscles get to keep intact our own muscles to help us in the task of burning fat reserves.

Dietitians give us guidelines to significantly reduce our body volume before the arrival of summer :
1. Do not forget breakfast
It is known that according to statistics people who skip breakfast are more likely to be overweight.

This first meal of the day is especially important to activate metabolism, maintain stable blood sugar levels and overcome anxiety late in the day. It is important to include fat dairy, whole grain bread or cereal and fruit.
2. Light to shoot mid-morning and afternoon snack
We must bear in mind that when we eat our metabolism starts to work and this entails an expenditure of energy (calories). Therefore, to take very light food between meals such as fruits low in sugar, fat yogurt, cottage cheese 0% or roast turkey in moderation not only feeds us but get subtract calories and thus burn fat reserves !
3. Choose an appropriate menu
At meals, reduces and limits bread rations of pasta, rice and pulses to 3 servings / week (one from each of the foods mentioned above) and chooses the other days by dishes of vegetables as main dishes. These should be accompanied with a second dish of good quality light protein such as lean meats, fish, seafood and eggs.

At dinner, avoid fatty foods and carbohydrates such as bread, sugar, cereals, crackers, pasta, rice and vegetables to avoid accumulating as fat during sleep. The most appropriate menus for dinners consist of a first dish made of vegetables and a second dish of chicken, turkey, white fish, seafood or eggs.
4. Attend to your desires
To achieve success with fat-burning diet consistency is really important. To do this we need to find the diet that best suits our tastes, including variety of recipes light but tasty and afford some occasional quirks that allow us to break the monotony and keep strong to our challenge.

To achieve this balance without truncating our goal, you should rely on the dietitian to be he who mark the boundaries.
5. Combines cardio exercise with strength training
Increase caloric expenditure of our body through physical exercise need not be a chore. For sports enthusiasts there are plenty of options such as swimming, aerobics, jogging, etc..

For those who do not like the sport, we propose a simple exercise plan:
Walking at a brisk pace (45 min) 3 days a week.
Combination of static exercises (squats, abs and arms) at home using dumbbells and a mat. (30 min) 2 days a week.
6. Do not neglect your skin
Staying hydrated achieved significantly improve the appearance and firmness of the skin, and prevents stretch marks. Something as simple as apply ourselves every day moisturizer will help us better meet the swimsuit.

To combat cellulite and orange peel is recommended to apply the creams (either hydrating or cellulite) after a shower with cool water, rubbing the skin vigorously from the ankles to the hips. In this way we can improve circulation, drainage and water retention dramatically improving skin appearance.
7. Take liquids
Closely related to the previous point is fluid intake will help us to improve retention and thus the unsightly swelling at the knees and ankles that tends to occur in the warmer months.

If the goal is weight loss is better to flee from fruit juices that provide simple sugars, and opt for water, tea or iced chilly with saccharin and even diet soda (better without gas).

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