Tips to Prevent Weight Gain

prevent weightThe nutrition sector in pharmacies are often the most effective for right around Easter the scale does not surprise us with a few extra pounds and mirror image returns us slim and healthy you feel good inside and out.

And no one knows the reasons that lead to spiral out on food when we’re on vacation just the reserves of the buffets when eating at home is not even half of food, we strive to try all the dishes on where we are but our stomachs do not stop complaining, and we carry a backpack with a wide variety of snacks in case we get low blood sugar among such excursion. Not to mention the toast , so typical at this time.

It is not spending every holiday thinking about the calories or going hungry , but to seek balance and compensate.

Take note of these tips and avoid, effortless and still enjoy your health and your figure will resent on vacation :
1. Try to eat healthily
We know that holidays and that “one day is a day”, but even hard to control, remember that there are healthy dishes on restaurant menus.
2. Do not eat as if to finish the world
Sometimes we do not know as are the portions of the restaurants or simply because we hunger , we spent for food, and then we have to end it all. Better to be restrained and if we have more hunger too late to ask for anything more.
3. Compensate
If we are going to do a heavy meal, we can alternate with a light dinner or vice versa.
4. Do not skip meals
You have to make five meals a day and preferably compensate each other rather than skip them, because in this way, we get the opposite effect: our body becomes economical because you do not know how long will it take to receive food again.
5. Get active!
We all know that boredom opens the appetite and when we are all one morning lying in the sun on the beach we are very hungry . We must therefore have some activity if we are on the beach can enjoy a walk, swim, play spades, etc., instead of remaining in the towel.
6. Eat plenty of fruit
Especially in the morning and at lunch, and not without the skin. It is also a good trick to take a piece of fruit and a glass of water before eating, to not get too much appetite to the table.
7. Drink water
Start the heat, we move from one place to another to know the city and our body is dehydrated, so we must always be accompanied by a bottle of water and drink frequently.
8. Opting for purifying food
Infusions, asparagus, artichokes or zucchini, will help you avoid the dreaded water retention and purge your body.
9. Take the opportunity to move
We vacation and have no stress, no hurry, so why not go to the sites on foot or taking the stairs instead of the elevator?
10. Relax
It seems that this is a no-brainer because we vacation , but many people feel anxiety because they are not working or because soon have to return to routine, and anxiety causes an appetite excessive, especially for food sweet . So to unwind and enjoy the days off!

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