Tips to lose weight with health

weightSpend on diets but need to lose a few pounds and you want to do without risking your health ? Well, take note of these simple tips to improve your diet and help you say goodbye to excess weight.

With a few simple dietary advice to lose weight get health
Do not skip any meals
It’s a common misconception that skipping breakfast, lunch or dinner, thin ore more, however, would get only slow down your metabolism or appetite to accumulate as much attacking the fridge when you get a chance.

Ideally, divide the daily intake in 5 eating small, remembering that a balanced and complete breakfast is recommended and essential if you want to lose weight , because it is proven that women who skip breakfast or just a coffee lose less weight than those that include a breakfast with cereals , fresh fruit or juice and whole milk.
Knowing how to choose the right foods
Often to blame for those extra kilos is not too much food, but a poor choice of them. Forget convenience foods, fast food, chocolates, pastries and snacks or, switch to fruits and vegetables, lean meats like chicken, turkey, rabbit or veal and lean fish like flounder, hake or sea bream.

By limiting fried and breaded, do not drink sugary drinks and do not abuse alcohol.
The dinner, your ally
A light dinner is your weapon to lose weight , getting to enjoy a restful sleep and waking up with an appetite to start the day with a hearty breakfast. We recommend that you choose for the evening meal: cooked vegetables + meat or fish or egg salad with yogurt or fruit garnish + time.

If you’re in trouble sleeping and bites you the anxiety , nothing like at the dinner include two basic foods: lettuce and milk.

Lettuce, plus it just has calories and is rich in fiber and water, has been used since antiquity as a mild sedative. It also aids digestion, so it is your ally to help you enjoy a restful sleep and keep away the anxiety .

Meanwhile, l of milk is one of the foods rich in tryptophan, an essential amino acid with a very important role because it helps regulate proper levels of serotonin in the brain, facilitating sleep. Choose it and you will take advantage of skimmed benefits without any fat.

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