Tips to lose weight and feel good about

If you exercise and eat to have better physical health,  lose weight and have end up seeing and feeling of wonder every day. Good health and appearance will always be a direct consequence of the way you eat and exercise .
These are the tips so that you achieve a healthy weight and a better body if you are also looking for this.
– Just get up drink a glass of water with a squeezed lemon. Then drink water throughout the day.
– Drink lots of green tea and anything other than water or juice squeezed just do not drink.
– Never eat sugar
– Say goodbye to white pasta and white bread
– Eat whole foods
– Eat all the vegetables you can think of
– Limit / eliminate the bad carbs (just potato chips, cookies Enough, enough of pastries and junk food obviously enough)
– Get your protein from lean sources.
– Walk for 45 minutes to an hour every day

– Consider some form of strength training in addition to your walks ( calisthenics , free weights, elastic bands)
– Eat healthy fats. Olive oil, fish oil, seeds, nuts, coconut oil.
– Sleep at least 8 hours
– Control your stress hormones. Cortisol stress overflows with abdominal fat accumulation.
– Weigh yourself once a week and adjust the amount of food and intensity of exercise you do according to data from the balance.
– Learn to read food labels to find out more about what you bring to the mouth.
– Change your versions dairy fat or reduced fat, know well and you get less fat.
– Eat more vegetables and grains
– Supplement your healthy eating with a good multivitamin / multi mineral in the manner of insurance to get good nutrition and encourage weight loss process.
– Never go to the extreme, do not stop eating or exercising. Extreme diets do not work. The reality is you have to eat healthy and exercising daily. Develop these habits and never will fight against your weight.
– Feel good about who you are and understand that your weight does not define you. You can work for a better weight, better appearance and better health, but still amate, always accept yourself is the key.
– Come as completely as possible, be consistent with the exercise, accept and will not stop until you achieve what you want.

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