Tips for losing weight

weight loseYour children with you, so stay or deaf to their suggestions
2 . Go shopping “full stomach”, you will resist better the temptations
3 . Check the lipid content on the labels of products you buy, compare multiple products together.
4 . Shop at a neighborhood market, you will find a variety of fresh produce, and often at very attractive prices.
5 . Never skip meals, your breakfast is plentiful and the evening meal. Three meals a day is the minimum.
6 . Starchy foods should be present at every meal: pasta, potatoes, …

7 . Banish sugary drinks or alcoholic drinks such as beer, cola, …. A glass of wine per meal is tolerated.
8 . Eat less meat, more fish – preferably with vegetables.
9 . If you can absorb the breakfast in the morning in sufficient quantity, allow fruit to 10 hours.
10 . Do not eat too much salt, salt enhances your feeling of hunger
11 . The snacks are banned – better get a snack at fixed times: for example a fruit and a milk 10 h to 16h.
12 . Have regular physical activity: work in the garden, taking the stairs instead of elevators, move you walk instead of driving for short trips …

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