The worst methods of weight lose

weight loseWe are tired of hearing the famous phrase that the typical “I do not do almost nothing and everything I want”, but does anyone believe it? Surely not think they able to get their envied bodies based burgers and chocolate bars. Of course, it seems that some are unwilling to pass a tax method and decide to take the license to lose weight on their own.

One of the diets are more extreme than has been known among the most recognizable faces of Hollywood is that of Marcia Cross and her thinness has been much discussed in recent times. On occasion, the star of “Desperate Housewives” has been seen in restaurants where you eat only fruit juice. In addition, she said “do not eat is a constant struggle.”

Another bad attitude that attracted wide attention was that of one of the actresses in the film “Cold Mountain” that was said to be fed exclusively on boiled eggs during the shooting of the film. He never even said the name, but could be Nicole Kidman ? Or, perhaps, Renee Zellweger?

Apparently, one of the famous thinner, Victoria Beckham , also has its own technique to prevent weight gain without an ounce, since, as was rumored a while ago, the former Spice Girl just ate peas, although the designer has denied suffering an eating disorder.

The practice of sport is essential to a healthy body and balanced. However, when the exercise is over and it becomes an obsession can be very damaging not only physically but also mentally. According to Gunnar Peterson, personal trainer of some stars, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Lopez are kind of addicted to the sport , yes, controlled by him. What nobody understands is that then shame … And hide!

Energy drinks are obsessed with Paris Hilton . As mentioned, the popular blonde can stop eating to drink only this formula with taurine and did so in a restaurant in New York, but what would he think if he knew the heiress to his whim may cause long-term obesity?

However, the worst comes when used for these regimes other substances, for example, the snuff. Many stars combine cigarettes with the laxative effect of any infusion. For many it is the best way to not have anything down, but not the only, since it has discovered a new fashion among the famous who are eating Clenbuterol, a bronchiolar for horses as a method of weight loss.

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