The most absurd diets that everyone

dietsDiets that promise miracles impossible? What weight loss methods should not be considered? Pay attention … and do not put them into practice!

Lose weight. Glowing hot body. Brand new figure . Lower weight . Reduce volume . Fighting cellulite . Many and varied are the formulas that, day after day, the company will be sending us as encrypted messages. What were once healthy tips to improve the quality of life and well-being now and in turn the keys and the reflection of an obsession of the cult of the body.

Many and, above all, many benefiting from any kind of procedure that promises to get some of the formulas set out in the beginning … But only do that: promise! But what diets do not have any scientific basis and are good for nothing more than to play with the illusions of the people, instead of achieving the goal of losing weight only manage to add a disappointment to its list of methods do not work?

There are many very different: some are dull, while others, however, offer much variety and surprise that impact potential supporters. However, they all have several common features: they become a serious health risk, represent a substantial loss of money … And what does it say get the frustration of not seeing any results! Do you know what have been so popular that they have traveled through the media, from hand of celebrities to be spread by word of mouth?

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