The keys to a balanced diet

dietThe foods you eat most often are of plant origin, such as vegetables, fruits, vegetables and cereals . While rich in animal fats like red meat, sausages, eggs, butter or cheese, should be reduced in the diet daily.

On the other hand, there are some foods that should be limited to “occasional”. This group includes sweets, fried or salty snacks, pastries and sugary drinks.

The keys to a healthy and balanced
1. Eat bread, cereals and pasta, preferably integral, several times a day to keep energy levels stable and ensure a supply of fiber enough.

2. Enter in your diet vegetables daily. At least 400 grams per day.

3. Replace fatty meats with fish, poultry or lean meat.

4. Substitute whole milk for lower fat versions and salt. It is a good choice to opt for yogurts and milks made from soy , it will help to regulate levels of cholesterol .

5. Limit intake of sweets and completely eliminates the industrial bakery.

6. Get used to cook with little salt, ideally, try to take an amount of not more than a teaspoon of salt daily. To avoid the dreaded water retention , uses spices to flavor natural to your dishes and use low sodium salt.

7. Do not overdo it with alcohol. Some studies suggest that women should not take more than one drink per day as worse metabolize alcohol.

8. Discover the simplest cooking methods: steamed, baked, microwave or grilled. The best kept food nutrients and flavor to these cooking methods, plus added fats get reduced.

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