The key to losing weight without dieting

 without dietingWeight lose diet about counting calories, food and obsessing forbid. Discover new ways to lose weight by saying goodbye to diets.

Living slave of the scale, counting calories and forbidding open the fridge is not the best solution to achieve our ideal weight and keep achieving. A strict diet may be necessary at some point but should not be kept indefinitely. Eat a balanced diet and lifestyle changes may make you lose weight almost without realizing it.

Obsessed with weight is not at all healthy and can cause serious problems. Eating right means taking all kinds of foods in moderation and combined appropriately. There are many factors that influence the metabolism of each organism and the degree to gain weight easily, but unless there is some dysfunction (which will diagnose the specialist) we have no reason we get fat if a diet based on the Mediterranean diet and accompany it with minimal physical activity.

The “equation” is quite simple, if we consume about the same calories you spend, the body is in balance and there is no overweight. To achieve this, it is necessary to develop healthy eating habits should be based on the following premises:

Five meals a day, starting with a breakfast that includes whole-fat dairy, whole grains and some fruit and take a light snack mid-morning and some snacks (and avoid arriving with hunger over the main meals).

Eat a variety. Calls dissociated diets, which are based exclusively on the intake of certain foods, may be a temporary remedy but never the basis of a correct diet.

Eat in moderation, chewed slowly to achieve a greater sense of satiety.

Properly combine foods with simple tricks like not to include in the same plate an excess of protein or mixed with starch. For example, if we take meat as an accompaniment to choose vegetables or salad, potato or rice ever.

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