The Japanese diet- rich, healthy and effective!

dietJapanese diet as a method of thinning. The keys are not in the quantities of food but in the philosophy of an ancient culture that have been applied also to the kitchen. Therefore, before starting this type of regime should take into account the following principles should follow literally and allow you to propose how many kilos you want to lose … And get it! Notes:-Many types of food eaten in small quantities, at the same meal.
Include lots of vegetables in your menu. Do not forget also seaweed and fruit!
Use broth to flavor fish and vegetable dishes, instead of butter, oil or heavy sauces.

The basis of the Japanese diet is fish, rice, vegetables, soy and tea so avoid red meat, chicken and lots of sugar.
Be ready to say goodbye to purchase pre-cooked products and seasonal food.
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for what is to be generous and rich in nutrients . The traditional Japanese breakfast is very similar to lunch and dinner and that includes fish, rice, miso soup and vegetables.
Use small plates to serve food. When filling more easily you will feel more satisfied when, in fact, eat less quantity.
Move!: Long walks, bicycle … Or go to the gym !
Avoid eating fried.
The Japanese eat desserts at very low and sporadic. Do not get used to make desserts every day!
Keep in mind …
Rice is the staple of this diet.
You can not abuse the fat, so eat and uses essential.
You must include in each meal foods from all groups: leafy vegetables, seaweed, roots, stems, fruits, seeds, fish and meat in small quantities.
For the diet to be effective you must distribute the calories so that 63% come from carbohydrates, 12% protein and 25% from fat.

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