The Five Factor for Fitness

FitnessThe Five Factor for Fitness, which combines a complete diet and exercise routine, with which he manages to keep his spectacular physique.

Neither the very Michelle Pfeiffer as Cat woman managed to oust most spectacular and … no wonder! Halle Berry has become a sex symbol to which neither the younger actresses manage to remove his throne, but to do so has had to numerous sacrifices.

The actress has joined the long list of celebrities who follow the Five Factor Fitness, also known as the diet factor 5, among which are Alicia Keys , Jessica Simpson and Eva Mendes Halle with whom you can share tips and recipes that make more bearable day.

The method has been developed by Harley Pasternak, known as the coach of many Hollywood celebrities, who initially wanted it to be exclusive to its customers but has now decided that you too you achieve a spectacular physique making public his method.

This method was devised for the actors to do during breaks in filming so you will not have to spend much of your free time to stay in shape .
The number 5 is the key to Harley Pasternak system as it is to combine a diet of five weeks, with 5 meals a day made with 5 ingredients, and exercise sessions of 25 minutes 5 days a week. But 5 is also the number that will help you cope better with the diet because you eat what you want every 5 days, ie one per week. How would you like to go to the movies once a week and eat popcorn? Not all diet s allow such fancies .

A 5-week plan

The Five Factor Fitness is effective in losing a few kilos in a reduced period of time but could be extended to all life as it poses no risk to health. Halle Berry is diabetic and has no problem that prevents you follow the guidelines marked.

The food

Halle eat 5 times a day and you must do the same. This will reduce hunger between meals and not sin. All dishes should consist ingieras 5 ingredients and prepare in just 5 minutes:
The main course should be low in fat.
You must include low-glycemic carbohydrates such as pasta or lentils.
Each meal will have between 5 and 10 grams of fiber.
You should avoid saturated fats.
You can accompany your meal with sugar-free drinks.
Also one day a week you can skip the routine and eating food you fancy: a burger, pizza, candy, candy … Anything!
Exercise routines
Do not waste time in the gym! With exercise routine designed by Harley Pasternak practices preserve your online sessions of 25 minutes you can make at home and include:
Warm up Cardio: jog for 5 minutes.
Strength training: to choose two different exercises for 10 minutes.
Exercises for the heart, bending or pilates for 5 minutes.
Stretching: 5 minutes at the end to relieve muscle pain.
Do not know what to eat?
The creator of the diet has published a book with over 100 recipes that all the conditions of his method, but here’s a sample menu to begin with:
Breakfast: fruit smoothie.
Mid-morning: A piece of your favorite fruit.
Lunch: soup of cucumber salad, orange and grilled chicken.
Snack: a piece of toast with turkey.
Dinner: fish marinated skewer.
What are you waiting to regain your figure after the heat of summer?

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