The diet that is guided by your blood type

types bloodHuman can be classified according to our blood type. Thus we find people who are 0, AB, A or B and each can donate or receive blood only from his group or a universal donor (0).

Based on this James D’Adamo and his son began to study how some food to some people fit them better for health than others, and how it could be possible that these same foods did not have the same effect on another human being different. The answer is found in the blood , the main source of nutrition for the body. Thus, the power was closely related to the type of blood of each individual.

The explanation of why this is happening and gave it to human evolution, as different types of blood did not come from the overnight, but were a series of evolutionary changes by which man had to spend . So, for them, for example, the first group would appear 0, linked to Cro-Magnon which based its power on the animals they hunted, so it will be a blood type that synthesizes well the meat proteins.

The D’Adamo talk about something like the memory cell which retains each type of blood , which is reminiscent of the type of power that the man had when it was first given.

So what you should eat according to your blood type?
If your group is 0
– Fruits and vegetables, but try not to over brassicas (cabbage, Brussels sprouts …) or with the Solanaceae (potato, eggplant …).
– Lean meat, but pork, or salted meats.
– Fish and Seafood. Not including octopus, smoked salmon, caviar and other fish in salted or preserved s.
– Limit consumption of milk and eggs. Products with soy milk itself are welcome.
– Remove those wheat-based products, soft drinks and coffee.
If your group is A
– The diet should be based on the consumption of legumes, cereals, fruits and vegetables.
– Limit or eliminate most meats, especially those preserved. And cautiously consume fish s.
– For this group of soybean is highly recommended, and raises a good substitute for dairy products.
– Avoid convenience foods or large amounts of wheat flour.
If your group is B
– Eat without fear fruits and green leafy vegetables.
– Lean meats except chicken and pork.
– The fish s are highly recommended, less seafood.
– Very well tolerate dairy and eggs.
– Limit the products made from wheat, corn and nuts.
If your group is AB
– Limit red meat.
– The fish and shellfish are permitted, but not the shrimp, octopus or sea bass.
– Avoid eating products made from wheat flour and pasta.
– Avoid vinegar, but commitment to the olive oil.
– Fruits and vegetables, the more the better.
– Dairy products are allowed as long as this use does not result in the person of an overproduction of mucus in the airways.

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