Ten tips to weight loss … without dieting and healthy!

weight lossIf you decided to put an end to your extra weight problems … You know what you have to do to lose kilos in health and become the owner of your figure? Notes the 10 keys to get it!

If diet , exercise , if healthy, if you care … Many women have had enough to seek and follow technical miracle for the sole purpose of lowering weight . However, despite not achieving the goal, continue to insist and trying to approach a figure perfect, a body of scandal or just a few kilos less time to visit the great enemy in which seems to turn the scale.

In fact, there are many clues that if you intend to firmly follow, will help you get your challenge. Of course, keep in mind that before you start the path of compromise, believing in yourself, know that you want to lose weight and have lots of patience and persistence for goal attainment … Although the process is slower than you might like!

Are you ready?
Each time you go to buy clothes, you face the image you the mirror, on the scale or the harsh reality of the clothes that you no longer feel good, I strongly propose an end point. Not a full stop: an end!

You promise yourself that you take care, you will not let you keep gaining weight and forbid you to continue with this attitude of looking away. However, when you reencounters with the fridge or the candy store on the corner you decide it’s time to enjoy and end your eternal torture. No, do not imply Enjoy descuidarte or consume food that you yourself know you are not going to contribute more than fat and many calories empty.

Convince yourself once it came time to discipline a bit and become the mistress of your figure and get ready to carry out your plan of health !

What did you do?
Commit yourself: to change, to follow some guidelines, not give you any whim (full of calories empty) and strive their best to turn your body into what you really expect and want from him. You can mold it as you please, so we commit!
Believe in yourself. You may want to, so just think, “do I want?”
Do not think of dieting miracle. Understand that there are no diets that make you lose weight quickly and health ablemente. Do you think it’s worth risking your life and your health by refusing to open their eyes and see that the path length is much safer and effective?
Move. Walk half an hour every day. If you also want to swim in the pool, climb the stairs to your house or dance … Perfect! but you never skip your 30 minute ride (light) daily.
Add fiber ! If you add fiber to your diet will achieve, and a satisfying effect that you avoid eating for anxiety , regulate your bowel. Try to take oat bran.
Head over to say goodbye-fat and sugar. Try to buy the light versions of the products you take regularly. Will reduce some fat in your meals … Not know!
Relax and avoid stress. Often stress is attached to the anxiety … so if you avoid one, do not fall into the other. The more quiet you are, the better you control your diet.
Eat slowly. If you chew your food slowly, enjoy and savor the full inertia avoid eating what you will be satisfied before … And the food will do you much better!
Included in each meal, a salad or plate of vegetables . With the vegetables will you bring vitamins and minerals to your body and diminish considerably the number of calories ingested. Perfect!
Holy Water! … or holy water!: think of it as if it were the magic key. The greater the amount you drink between meals, the better! The minimum you have to drink water a day is two liters: do not forget.
In the above, please note that you should add one more: to know your body. Nobody better than you know how your body reacts: What foods make you feel bloated, which you can not control when you eat them with testing and anxiety , which will hinder the evacuation … Keep this in mind and do not look the other way!

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