Ten foods that are not fattening

foods fatteningDiets weight and losing weight is an obsession for literally millions of people all over the planet. Practically very few who are unhappy with their weight.

Think that your body needs fuel to operate well, and that fuel is food. So to feed correctly this is a list of ten foods that will make you fat, guaranteed, and are also very healthy.

1. Broccoli. It is a source of vitamins and minerals good for your liver, skin, kidneys, intestines and brain. Broccoli also detoxifies the body.

2. Spinach. Great source of iron, chlorophyll and vitamins.

3. Fungi. Are known to improve the immune system and prevent certain types of cancer.

4. Tomato. They are high in antioxidants and support good health.

5. Red peppers. Have a high content of vitamin C for your adrenals, skin, blood vessels and heart.

6. Eggs. Contains antioxidants that keep eyes healthy and away from blindness and macular degeneration. They are an incredible source of complete proteins, are loaded with good nutrients including folate, riboflavin, selenium, vitamin B12 for example.

7. Grapefruit. It is a great source of vitamin C and fiber. Half grapefruit contains only 38 calories.

8. Watermelon. A cup of watermelon contains about 50 calories healthy.

9. Celery. A stalk of celery contains only the incredible sum of two (yes two) Calories. It is high in fiber will keep your intestines healthy and keeps you full longer.

10. Cucumber. In very low calorie, ideal for weight loss.

And these are other foods or foods that are low in calories.

– Onion
– Olives
– Apple
– Olive oil

The bottom line is you have to begin to include these foods in your daily diet. Mix them or improvises including quick recipes with one or two of these ingredients.

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