Take body awareness

awarenessThe tools to reach this goal seemingly intangible is the contraction of muscles and breathing. We must become aware of body parts that usually go unnoticed.

The end result is that all the muscles are strengthened so much deeper and more stable, which in a healthy person prevents the appearance of lesions and an improvement in a disease many ways.
In the case of rehabilitation, for example, the results are much better and faster.

In other areas, taking into account that Pilates improves circulation throughout the body, it also enhances calcium absorption and reduces the pain from bad posture. The strengthening of the muscles prevents further fractures if there is decreased bone mass.

These objectives are being achieved in different phases: first working on the ground, the most basic form, and then on different machines that combine bars and docks to facilitate certain movements.

Discipline is recommended for people of any age and condition healthy or disease, said the specialist, since the exercises are tailored to particular situations. However, warns that it is a relaxing exercise such as the yoga . “You can sweat blood.

For the therapeutic benefits it brings, Pilates is particularly recommended for those suffering from pain in his back , be flawed positions, a hernia … or, in general, for anyone wanting to improve muscle tone. By working mainly on the abdomen , muscles tone and volume is also reduced.
The results will be the more personalized the better is the session, since it is essential that the student / patient to get a correct position, aim much easier if there are fewer people per instructor.

Once learned the exercises, can still be practiced self-the soil, never machines, which require monitoring. However, The benefits are not eternal and that, as in any sport, if you stop practicing, lose muscle tone.

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