Shakira fitness diet

ShakiraWhat is the secret that the Colombian singer Shakira hides her curves?, What does the bride of Pique great guy to wear?
What do you think is the best kept secret Shakira to wear a figure enviable curves of heart?

While most singers can boast of a great great guy, his body without an ounce of fat is not forged only through the gym or the hours of rehearsal on stage … All artists, without exception, opt for a diet low in calories that allows them to hold the line and do not eat more calories than you will burn throughout each day.

Shakira , who has always been a reference as an example of sensuality, femininity and perfect curves, it would not be an exception. You know what prepares your kitchen to continue a body to die?, you want to find out what are the tricks that she work? Notes!

Bride of Gerard Pique committed to basic ingredients, natural, nutritious and very healthy to fill your refrigerator: fruit, vegetables , meat and fish.
What is day to day?
Basically, keep in mind that this diet include: salads , vegetables , lean meats and grilled fish, fruit and yogurt and skimmed. This is a very healthy food so we recommend that you not only follow as a diet temporarily, but as learning a new habit: eating healthy.

The diet consists of five meals a day so you will not go hungry at all. You should not skip any meals and, either, but gluttony eating only what follows. Notes!

A glass of freshly squeezed orange juice.
A plate of melon with fresh cheese.
A slice of bread.
Tea or coffee with skim milk and cut sweetener.

A fruit (may be an apple, a couple of kiwis) or a yogurt.

A dish of cooked pasta (without sauce, seasoned only with spices, vinegar and a teaspoon of olive oil, if desired).
A salad of lettuce and tomato.
A lean steak baked or grilled with olive oil.
A fruit salad.

A yogurt or a glass of natural fruit juice.

A tea with sweetener.

A bowl of soup vegetables .
A slice of bread.
A plain nonfat yogurt.

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