Seven special easy tips for weight loss

weight loss tipsWeight loss diets do not go with you, here are some simple and easy tips to show off your body figure this spring.

Comes the spring , and she dresses and lightweight garments that expose our body , perhaps with some extra weight accumulated over the winter. Do not worry, a few simple tips will help you lose weight without stick to diets strict, take note!

1. With the good weather apetecerá you go out and exercise more, important to remove more quickly the excess fat and prevent sagging associated with weight loss. Go ahead and go for a walk, use stairs instead of elevators, avoid taking the car for short journeys …

2. Start the day with a complete and nutritious breakfast consisting of protein, fiber, fruits and milk, as the calories provided in the early hours of the day are metabolized more quickly and need to start the day with energy and optimism.

3. Do not ever skip meals because only contribuirías thereby increasing fat reserves. Ideally, r onduct 5 shots a day: breakfast, mid morning, lunch, snack and dinner.

4. Enjoy meals and chew food slowly saboreándolos. In addition to digest food and prevent uncomfortable gas, before you feel full and eat less.

5. A very effective trick to prevent overeating is to use smaller plates and cutlery. Occur before you feel full.

6. Do not forget to drink water, because it helps reduce the sensation of hunger . The ideal amount is between 1.5 day and 2 liters. Conversely, avoid alcoholic beverages and soft drinks, as they provide a number of empty calories.

7. Reduce salt intake as much as you can and spices used in its place, and avoid the dreaded water retention. The infusions of green tea and chamomile, as well as healthy, are ideal for reducing swelling.

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