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food problems31 It is preferable to margarine to butter. Butter is a more natural product than margarine (containing dyes, salt …).

32 All the margarines are vegetable. Margarines contain varying amounts of animal fat (tallow, butter …) and / or vegetable oil (soybean, sunflower …).

33 The refined olive oil is worse than virgin olive oil. You can vary the flavor, texture and acidity, but the substances that exert a beneficial effect on health is in both.

34 The grading olive oil is synonymous with quality. Acidity indicates the amount of free fatty acids without warrant a better or worse nutritional quality.

35 The crude oil has fewer calories than fried. The caloric amount of oil is unchanged whether taken as oil when fried.

36 The repeated frying oil rancid. Reusing repeated frying oils (4 or 5 times) does not cause significant oxidation.

37 The frying alters the composition of the oil. Not alter its characteristics.

Frying ideally 38 50% olive oil and 50% seed. It is desirable to use only olive oil for frying and for use in seed oil.

39 The olives are high in caloric value. According to his dressing are between 135 and 200 kcal. per 100 g, down to other snacks.

40 The sugar is a food to bear phobia. Not let the 30 or 40 kcal. we add to coffee at the end of a meal you bitter.

41 Artificial sweeteners cause cancer. In humans, with the usual doses of consumption, there seems no risk of cancer.

42 The biscuits are less fattening than bread. Cookies exceed the caloric content of bread (450 kcal. Against 250 kcal. In 100 gr.).

43 The crackers contain fewer calories than regular cookies. The only difference is usually the type of flour used: more fiber in the case of the integrals.

44 The chocolate muffins are made with cocoa butter original. Cocoa butter is very expensive so not used in current products at affordable prices pastry.

45 The instant cocoa powder is a product with a high proportion of chocolate. Has a low proportion of cocoa butter in its elaboration is used cocoa solids.

46 All ice cream made from milk. Landlords and artisans themselves (or cream), but in many vegetable fats are used ice cream.

47 The fat if you drink water in food. It has no calories and therefore is not fattening.

48 Bottled water better than tap water. Many mineral waters contain similar amounts of minerals than tap water and may even have higher levels of bacteria by not being chlorinated.

49 The coffee raises blood. No blood pressure rises and is not shown to cause tachycardia.

50 The wine is a healthy drink because it provides antioxidants. Has phenolic substances with high antioxidant power, but like other soft drinks such as tea or wine. This would result in reduction of cardiovascular disease.

51 The root beer has no calories. Has-carbohydrate as glucose, fructose and maltose, and provides 40 to 80 kcal. for beer.

52 The bitter tone and are low calorie drinks. They have the same as other soft drinks because of the carbohydrate composition.

53 Vitamin C prevents the flu. Promotes resistance to infection, but no means to cure the common cold or flu.

54 The vitamins improve memory and learning. Are essential for the formation of neurotransmitters, but not by taking more vitamins have more neurotransmitters or better memory.

55 The vitamin E increases sexual ability. Protects cell membranes from damage and aging, but can not be said to increase sexual ability.

56 The body extracts all the vitamins from food. The 13 vitamins can be obtained from a balanced diet including all food groups provided the aggregate supply at least 1,500 kcal. per day.

57 The packaged products do not have the same vitamins than fresh produce. They have enough vitamins when consumed before the expiration date.

58 Folic acid should only take women. It is a vitamin essential to prevent cardiovascular disease, and this recommendation should be extended to the entire population.

59 Carbohydrates and proteins do not mix. This statement lacks any scientific basis.

60 Eat at the same meal protein and carbohydrate digestion and prevents delays. Foods rich in carbohydrates or sugars are easier to digest.

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