Purify food healthy and cheap

food healthyThe excesses after both economic and gastronomic, our bodies and our wallets cry out for a cleansing diet, light and economical. Takes note of the foods that are a must in the basket of January!

Seafood, grilled meats, liquor, candy … the body needs “breathing space” that allows you to recover your balance by removing toxins , fats and sugars. Liver, kidney and digestive system have worked a great time these days and now is the time to help with a cleansing diet that promotes the elimination of fluids and unhealthy substances.

In January there is a pocket for extra expenses in the form of complex menus that include dietary supplements or foods hard to find. Fruits and vegetables in season, in point of ripeness and good price, are presented as the great allies to achieve a double objective: to cleanse the body (and in the process lose some extra pounds Christmas) and clean as well, our economy.

It is a grave mistake to try to recover from the excesses not eating or doing too strict diets that may endanger our health. This is to reduce intake of sugars and carbohydrates without missing, in any case, the nutrients essential (vitamins and minerals) to feed properly basic.

In any season, fruits, vegetables, cereals and dairy products should be part of a balanced diet but certain foods are especially recommended if our goal is to cleanse the body. Among them:
Oranges, tangerines, grapefruits and lemons are ripe and are now very affordable. Its high water content, antioxidants and nutrients essential, especially vitamin C, making them perfect to start the day with a breakfast that brings vitality, deleted, progressively, the toxins retained. By mid-morning snack or help satiate your appetite resulting light and refreshing.

As for the lemon, is a “antigrasas” natural, try to use as a dressing for salads or steamed vegetables and you’ll quickly notice its effects! Also, if you find it pleasant flavor, add a few drops of the juice to the first glasses of water in the morning. This simple “trick” is a great purifier.
Other fruits
All are good but some are perfect to overcome the slope of January (in all senses). The delicious pineapple, for example, the price after the holidays and high in bromelain and potassium makes it a natural diuretic can counteract the dreaded feeling of swelling, the result of retention of fluids .

You can also find even grapes (usually forgotten after the stroke). They are rich in sugars, so its consumption should be moderate, but have beneficial properties that help restore proper bowel movement (which takes just!).

Finally, apples and pears, are two “classical” undervalued but high in fiber should not miss on a light diet of detoxifying effect. At this time of year, you have at hand a great variety, all recommended and reasonably priced.
They form the second block of food needed in the diet mixer. The so-called green leaf (with chlorophyll) as spinach, chard, cabbage, watercress, lettuce, broccoli, etc., provide nutrients essential and zero fat so they should be part of your daily menu.

The “famous” artichoke is also a winter vegetable cleansing whose properties are proven. More “modest”, but excellent health alidade, the eggplant is now in good time and always perfect for controlling the harmful effects of excess fatty acids and to keep the cholesterol .
Finally, this basket of January can not miss the tomatoes and cucumbers for a salad packed with essential vitamins, high satiating power, with few calories and capable of renewing our body, from the inside.
Complete your diet
Along with fruits and vegetables high power cleanser should include other foods that you provide all the necessary elements to be healthy your diet:
Dairy products (milk, yogurt, etc always skimmed).
Lean meats (chicken, beef, turkey) and fish. If you want to prolong the cleansing diet more than two days will include at least 100 gr. any of these foods (proteins) in the two main meals.
Water and herbal teas . At least two liters a day to help your body to proper elimination of toxins .

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