Plant Slimming Diet

slimmingWeight loss diets actively cooperating in metabolic processes, for example favoring the elimination of liquids, helping to decrease appetite or facilitate kidney and digestive functions.

At present these medicinal plants can be found in pharmacies and purchase with complete assurance. In most pharmacies have speakers and you can provide brochures. A very good booklet is where you’ll find a detailed description of the indications for each plant.

Here are a few plants recommended for overweight or weight control:

Artichoke: its purifying action. Its secretion stimulates cinarina bilar acting on constipation. It is especially useful in the case of congestion or sluggish liver, jaundice, and poor digestion of fats. View artichoke diet.
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Pineapple (pineapple stems): Bromelain is capable of breaking the speeding macroproteĆ­nas protection and facilitating their elimination. Suitable for removing excess weight associated with water retention or in the case of a state cellulite. To the mobilization and removal of fat deposits.

Camilina. Helps eliminate fluid from the body and limits the absorption of fat and sugars.

Chrome. Acts on the control of the absorption of carbohydrates.

Chitosan. (Not a plant but the cuticles of crustaceans). It is a natural element that is not absorbed or digested. On reaching the stomach attracts lipids, being caught, to be eliminated in the excretion. You can capture up to 5 times its weight in fat.

Citrus aurantium (bitter orange). The pericarp (skin lower) increases the expenditure of calories our body consumes daily, favoring the results of low-calorie diets.

Fasolina (fruit of the bean, the pod): rich in cellulose fibers, pectins, flavonoids tanimos and once in the gut have the ability to slow the absorption of sugars.

Fucus. Helps decrease the appetite

Garciania Cambogia (gives the curry). From laxative properties. His AHC is used in regulating weight and appetite. slows down the production and storage of fat.

Clucomanano, absorbing more than one hundred times its volume in water to form a thick gel in the stomach. When filling reduces the absorption of fats and sugars. Avoid constipation.

Guarana: stimulating and supportive. Its caffeine accelerates the combustion of fatty and increases the basal metabolism of the cells so that favors the elimination of fats. Da generate energy in diets asthenia.

Karaya: increased fecal. Produces a satiating effect.

Ortosifon. Facilitates renal elimination functions and digestive.

Papaya: promotes digestive processes (eg meat) and an antioxidant.

Meadowsweet. It is recommended for cleansing and cellulite painful. Analgesic.

Hawkweed: contains flavonoids that promote renal excretion of water and mineral salts retained in the tissues.

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