Plan to lose weight after the holidays

lose weight The Christmas day Plan to lose weight after the holidays is a time of fun and a truce in the negative that we forget to think only of the positive and, most likely, have lowered their guard a little. Christmas Eve, then New Year, the festival of Kings … and now what can we do to get rid of those extra pounds accumulated over the holidays?

Do not worry, some simple tips offered by the online coaching will help you recover line in a short time, returning to feel healthy and in top form.

Monday, January 9
In the afternoon, take a walk for an hour and try to do whenever possible. If it seems too long, do it 20 or 30 minutes. Below this threshold will have more difficulty losing weight and stabilize you might have missed.
Tuesday January 10
Think that this day will be spent to compensate protein fat and carbohydrates that have abused the day before. Treat yourself to a buffet with beef or beef, all the parts you want except the steak. The fish that you most want from the seafood that you like and all the poultry without skin, except the duck. Eggs, ham fat, skimmed milk, vegetable protein choice (tofu, seitan …) and do not forget to drink 2 liters of liquid. In this meal you can take the amount you want, so forget about going hungry .
From Wednesday 11 January
Add all vegetables and pays special attention to detoxifying foods such as artichokes, tomatoes, fennel, black radish and rhubarb. Raw, cooked in soup, stewed …
Be sure to take vitamin C
You need a gram a day and more at this time, to prevent colds and flu. It provides enough energy to stand up to winter and not give the food that you like (but less healthy they are) only to compensate for the cold and lack of light. In addition, a sufficient dose of vitamin C is necessary to avoid constipation, which will result in better cleansing of the body and a belly flat.
Sleep Better to recover and feel on top form
It is scientifically proven that poor sleep or a little easier for us to gain weight because sleep reduces appetite. The hours sleep before twelve o’clock are more effective, so we must try, at least twice a week, going to bed before 22.30.
Forget the alcohol for 7 days
Not a drop. The withdrawal must be total throughout the week. If you still have things to celebrate, do it with carbonated water or cola light.
Your allies oat bran and apple cider vinegar
Try to make a delicious crepe with half a tablespoon of oat bran, half white cheese 0% fat and egg white. Do it in a nonstick skillet daily. Oat bran is rich in fiber soluble and has the particularity to effectively reduce cholesterol and attract the fat in the diet, preventing its accumulation.

Do not forget the apple cider vinegar at each meal or a food supplement with apple pectin to stand up to the carbohydrates and appetite.

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