Menu for purifying the day after Holy day

purifyingDo not be tempted not to eat the next day, or make the mistake of deleting the dinner after a hearty meal or vice versa. These practices are harmful to your health. It is better to have an alternative menu for the day after.
Breakfast: 1 dairy (milk or yogurt, Actimel, bio …) + grains (with milk in the form of bar, etc) + 1 piece of fruit or fresh juice.
Mid-morning and afternoon snack: an infusion: chamomile, peppermint (highly digestible), anise or fennel (good to relieve uncomfortable gas), thyme, etc. You can take a whole grain cracker, a rusk with ham or turkey breast, or other piece of fruit.

Lunch and dinner: Lean meat (beef, chicken, turkey) / white or blue fish / accompanied by seasonal vegetables such as endive, chicory, thistle, artichoke (high power diuretic), zucchini, etc..
Another good idea is to try to compensate for a lunch or dinner with other very strong light, thereby controlling the total calories throughout the day.

In this game to get the nutritional balance, you have some food especially recommended for its diuretic and antioxidant capacity and the benefits to the regeneration of the intestinal flora, eg kefir, magnificent against slow digestion, natural juices as the rich citrus blend of orange and grapefruit, pineapple, with high doses of potassium and high capacity diuretic, artichokes, which help the liver cleanse the body overloaded at this time, the vegetable broths, which retrieves the spirit nourish, moisturize and provide very few calories and those already named teas , ideal at any time.

Combining some of these suggestions with sumptuous holiday meal, get the balance needed to avoid those pesky extra kilos.

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