Lose weight without starving the revolutionary Montignac method.

Montignac dietMontignac Diet-This diet developed by French physician Montignac which owes its name, debunks the theory of calorie and opens a door to all those who want to reduce weight without suppressing so attractive and nutritious foods such as chocolate, wine and fermented cheese.
According Montignac, on diets based on reducing calories is an error, because the weight loss that occurs with this type of diet is only temporary, later, the body will adjust and tend to eat fewer calories as a mechanism for defense. At the same time, says Montignac, the weight will recover and even increase slightly from that was before starting the diet, creating striking metabolic imbalances and frustrations.

Montignac classifies foods into proteins, carbohydrates (carbohydrates) and lipids (fats). Carbohydrates in turn divided into sugars and carbohydrates good bad.

The accumulation of fat in the body, directly related to the insulin secreted by the pancreas, makes the glucose from being used by the body, segregated in the case of too, is stored as reserves. When pancreatic function is in perfect condition, just secrete insulin without producing accumulation otherwise be stored as fat.

In the Montignac method can and should eat until you feel satisfied and energetic, can again rediscover the pleasure of cooking and eating delicious food that other methods would have no place.

Moreover, the Montignac method can be adapted perfectly to the pace of modern life, as well as lead to increased vitality, wellness and overall health of anyone who decides to change their eating habits.

Montignac diet divided:
Shall be performed rigorously choosing diet foods as follows, removing the high glycemic index carbohydrates and structuring food with other foods allowed. It is advisable to stay in this phase for about 3 months, although it has previously reached the desired weight.

Meals protide-called lipid (meat, fish, eggs …) may include carbohydrates with a glycemic index less than or equal to 35 as lentils, chickpeas and a wide variety of vegetables.
Meals-called protide glucidic (brown rice, spaghetti …) include vegetables and no saturated fat is added, in general, low fat, choosing olive oil (in moderation) and fatty fish.

Permitted carbohydrates during the weight loss are those with glycemic indices below 50.

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