Lose weight without losing your muscles

weight loseHeaded for lose weight while maintaining muscle mass you have, you should follow an exercise routine and eat healthy. Diets should be those that are retained for a relatively long time and calls express diets that make you lose weight very fast, but then rise to the rebound effect.

The first thing to do is go visit a nutritionist to examine us and we recommend the most appropriate diet for the body. Then we went to the gym that we have chosen and ask the instructor guide and advise us to exercise more convenient.

On no account let the prescribed diet or change dramatically if the expected results do not occur in the short term. Nor should overtax the body doing the exercises and you should always drink plenty of water.
Each month we ask for weight control and fitness to the manager to tell us about the progress we have made to tell us if we follow the same routine or exchange it for another.
What becomes of paramount importance is not to stop exercising and eating healthy, drinking lots of water and avoid eating high fat content.

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