Lose weight with homeopathy

homeopathyHomeopathic remedies to lose weight and let yourself be advised by a homeopath, which will indicate the most appropriate treatment for your case.

Included in the so-called alternative medicine, homeopathy gained popularity among those seeking an effective and natural method to help weight loss. Controlling anxiety , reduce appetite or increase the burning of stored fat is possible homeopathic treatments to pursue, in addition, the physical and mental balance.

It is an alternative to traditional medicine that is based on taking advantage of beneficial and healing properties that have certain plants. Homeopathy is not just science, philosophy is also because its ultimate goal is to get the general welfare of the individual re-establishing its internal and external balance. Although the use of plants in medicine is as old as man, this term was coined by German physician Samuel Hahnemann nearly two hundred years.

Thinning treatments are only part of homeopathy, as their uses and applications are as complete and varied as traditional medicine. If you decide to try one of these treatments is essential to turn to qualified professionals because one of its basic characteristics they are to be fully customized.

To be effective, they need a rigorous pre-medical diagnosis to determine appropriate medications in each case. Go to a specialist and make sure you are taking homeopathic compounds, because many of those presented and sold as such are not.
How does homeopathy when losing weight?
Homeopathic medicines used in the treatment of weight loss have to be completely natural, so that cases of side effects or adverse reactions are rare.

The homeopathic doctor will make a detailed study of your case always looking for the source, the underlying cause of this imbalance in the body that results in obesity (stress, depression, malnutrition, metabolic disorders …). Depending on your overall health (physical and mental) and taking into account your lifestyle and food will be the professional that establishes the treatment to follow, which will always be accompanied by something that must be present in any situation directed towards the weight loss: exercise and diet balanced.

Homeopathy is not a product or a diet “miracle.” It’s serious, rigorous and effective and the results are seen gradually over time, without sudden loss of weight and internal imbalances.

The main homeopathic actions can translate into:
Reduction in fluid retention.

Control of anxiety .
Improved mobilization (and disposal) of stored fat.
These four combined actions are responsible for the success of homeopathic slimming treatments, as a rule, always have two distinct phases: an initial drainage and elimination of toxins and unwanted waste and a second based on a diet controlled, which also does not cause the adverse effect of anxiety .
Therapy and medication
Homeopathy is based on the therapeutic use of natural substances to us. The philosophy of this science is that part of the idea that it is good to apply the same substance that can cause failure to prevent it (ingesting in small doses). It’s actually the same principle of operation of a vaccine.

Along with diet , exercise and healthy lifestyles, the main drugs used in homeopathy slimming purposes are:

Carbonic limestone: particularly suitable for controlling appetite.
Sulfur (natrum sufuricum): detoxifying and purifying high.
Thuya: ability to rebalance the body.
Antimonium crud / Anacardium: effective in controlling anxiety
Hypothalamus 5: helps reduce the sensation of hunger .
Capsicum: correct intestinal transit problems.

These are just some of the most common and those that are most effective for their ability to avoid the unpleasant feeling of hunger and the anxiety that makes it difficult to follow a diet healthy especially during the first weeks. This is in part the success of such treatments, with a little patience, can achieve significant weight loss and healthy gradually, always insist, under medical supervision.

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