Lose weight and burn fat

 burn fatHuman fat is often one of the maximum obstacles when it comes to losing weight. Discover your problem and works where you need it most.

Not all women have the same weight problems. In some cases you need to burn fat in a generalized way, while in others, we just have to act on the fat that is found especially in the abdomen, or we eat on time.

Thus, once given your problem, you just have to make your goal. Below we offer some of the best natural alternatives to act right where you need it most.

Burn fat without losing muscle

If all you need is to lose fat from areas where it is stored and can not afford to lose muscle mass, extract “Citrus uranium” or bitter orange, is your solution.

It was found that the extract helps you lose weight through a dual mechanism of action: on one hand the increased caloric expenditure and on the other fat-burning effect.
Abdominal fat

When fat accumulates in the stomach , creating unsightly love handles, your solution is the “CLA” (conjugated linoleic acid), an essential fatty acid omega-6 series found in various foods (dairy and beef) however, the current food production, as well as our eating habits, we provide a very poor contribution conjugated linoleic acid.

Numerous studies show that helps reduce abdominal fat and diameter with subsequent weight loss. Its great advantage is that it also helps to increase muscle mass, while having an effective “anti-yo-yo.”

The mechanism of action on lipids exerted by the CLA, it is also very beneficial on cholesterol and triglycerides.

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