Lose one size in 5 days with diet lemon!

lemonDetoxification method based on the intake to 8 glasses a day of lemon juice, to help you eliminate toxins from your body. Maybe you can try! Notes!

Have a must and do not go get the clothes you wanted? Here’s a solution to drop a dress size in just five days. Want to know what it is? Here’s the answer the diet of lemon. A solution based on the food used by Hollywood stars like Jennifer Aniston , who takes a glass of lemon water every time you eat a meal heavy.

This is a diet that departures detoxifying your body and you will achieve lose weight quickly. To begin you must leave your body free of toxins that get natural foods and drinking water, which favors the drainage.

To complete the detoxification takes several glasses of lemon juice, diluted with water and flavored with cinnamon. During this process you can also make tea and vegetable purees. In a day you’ve fallen about a kilo. Take a Monday to start the detoxification and follow the plan that we offer … You’ll notice the results!
Day 1
Start your day with lemon juice and 30 minutes later, breakfast oatmeal milk. By midmorning, do not stay with hunger making unsalted almonds and a lemon juice.

The vegetable puree is the star of your meal and you can accompany with bread and cheese. Oat foods must be present for the lunch and dinner can include fish or grilled chicken seasoned with lemon juice along with vegetables and fruit. End the day with a drink of lemon.
Day 2
This day should maximize the benefits of vitamin C and to this end, you add five pieces of fruit to your meals . Do not forget the lemon juice and morning breakfast with a poached egg bread. The morning snack should contain unsalted peanuts, fruit and lemon juice with apple.

At lunch take vegetables in a salad dressed with lemon. By mid afternoon have at hand an oatmeal cookie and evening light cooking a recipe with rice.
Day 3
Your dishes seasoned with lime to lower your blood sugar. Throughout the day you should eat foods low in sugar and rice, bread or vegetables . At dinner reused vegetables and fish taken at night with baked lemon juice.
Day 4
If you hunger takes little calorie foods such as bread, tortillas, rice or oatmeal cookies. If you eat sugary foods you will eat even more. In your meals today must give priority to legumes and vegetables. Forget meat and fish.
Day 5
The aim of the last day is to limit fat intake to provide care to our body at least 25 percent of them, essential fatty acids and mono-unsaturated. It is advisable to eat two times a week fatty fish. For lunch you can enjoy a smoked salmon canapé and dinner pasta mixed with tuna and vegetables.

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