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errors food How Can I Lose Weight Fast61 All that is eaten before 8 am is not fattening as we gain weight. The body 62 can produce any type of amino acid. The human body can synthesize certain amino acids at the expense of other nitrogen compounds, but is not able to synthesize essential amino acids.

63 The vegetarian diet contains all the necessary nutrients. The more limited the variety of food the greater the possibility that hazardous to health.

64 A pregnant woman should eat for two. Overfeeding should be avoided because it does not benefit the mother or fetus. We must change to eat more to eat better.

65 more fiber food containing normal, more beneficial results. It needs to consume about 30 grams. daily fiber for its beneficial effects are patents and fiber consumed our society does not usually exceed 20 g.

66 Those who do bodybuilding or bodybuilding should take protein supplements. Drinking large amounts of protein may impair the kidney function.

67 The athletes need vitamin supplements. If you take a balanced diet there is no need to take vitamins.

68 It hurts more to take cholesterol-saturated fat. Intake of saturated fat raises cholesterol levels in the blood almost twice that taking cholesterol-rich foods only.
69 If increased cholesterol forget the fries. The fries neither increase nor decrease cholesterol, only provide some extra calories.

70 Olive oil lowers cholesterol levels more than seeds. Both used in normal amounts, or increase or reduce cholesterol levels.

71 Chocolate contains cholesterol. Cocoa butter, on the plant, contains no cholesterol.

72 Vegetable fats are “heart healthy” because they have no cholesterol. True in most vegetable fats, but not in tropical oils coconut and palm kernel oil.

Take a nut 73 for breakfast regulates cholesterol levels. The daily amount of nuts that should be taken to turn a profit between 50 and 100 gr.

74 The soy lecithin is a natural product that enhances the level of cholesterol. Not been shown to be beneficial or harmful.

75 The soy has little nutritional value. Provides essential nutrients: carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals.

76 A clove of garlic a day prevents heart attack. Can lower cholesterol levels, but no conclusive data to prevent the onset of myocardial infarction.

77 The egg is contraindicated in people with high cholesterol. For its nutritional richness should take egg, also patients with hyperlipidemia (high blood lipids).

78 Severe obesity is a consequence of greed and lack of will. On the contrary, it is common to see obese people who have spent years dieting without success.

79 The aim of treating obesity is to change metabolism. Metabolism or energy expenditure is genetically determined so it is difficult to modify.

80 The thyroid fat. Not common obesity can be attributed to a hormonal disorder, thyroid or other endocrine gland.

81 The glucose lead to obesity. Not appear to vegetarians, taking 75% of their diet as carbohydrates, are overweight.

81 There are pills that thin. There are no pills that make you lose fat and permit eat everything.

82 If you are on a diet is to restrict the water. You should drink more fluids because normally half the water needed from food.

83 There are pills that thin. There are no pills that make you lose fat and permit eat everything.

84 The diet based on fruit only accelerates weight loss. Is deficient in nutrients and dangerous as it only provides water and carbohydrates, and proteins lacking

85 The ketogenic diets lose more weight than the classic. Being a diet low in carbohydrates are removed because you lose weight proteins and water, but fat loss is the same as with a conventional diet.

86 The dissociated diets lose more weight than usual. This type of diet (not combining certain foods) is based on misconceptions

87 The diet of lemon or grapefruit dissolves fat. Lemon Perhaps the supposed effect is linked to the advertising of detergents with lemon, but not the ability to lose weight. 88Todos the “light” products are low in calories. They have a few calories less, but not necessarily lack of energy.

88 All “light” products are low in calories. Least have some calories, but not necessarily lack of energy.

89 In severe obesity surgery is the magic bullet for weight loss forever. It is an alternative to lose between 30 and 40% of body weight in a period of between six and 12 months.

90 People with diabetes can not take oily fish because it raises the glucose. Eating oily fish does not affect blood sugar levels.

91 Diabetics can take free fructose instead of sugar. Regimens for diabetes can include moderate consumption of fructose in the form of honey or special products.

92 People with diabetes should restrict the maximum pasta and rice. The diabetic diet should be at least 40% of carbohydrates (which can not be excluded pasta, rice and beans).

93 People with diabetes can not make honey. Amounts have been shown on two tablespoons of honey a day, consumed for over a year and a half, do not alter the progression of diabetes.

94 To treat an ulcer is essential to follow a bland diet. Should reduce or eliminate that which stimulates the secretion of stomach acid: alcohol, tea, garlic …

95 The people with high uric acid should not eat tomatoes. Avoid those foods that have purines, and tomato does not.

96 The nitrite and nitrate are poison. Only if taken in excessive quantities these preservatives can cause acute toxicity

97 Food additives are toxic. Before approving a new additive for human consumption are required to pass toxicity tests to ensure their safety.

98 Food additives are solely responsible for allergy or food intolerance. Not only are not alone but are more uncommon.

99 The anorexia nervosa and bulimia are two diseases that have nothing to do with each other. Eating behavior disorders are characterized by the restriction over food or craving food.

100 After menopause is not necessary to take calcium. When you reach menopause, estrogen levels decrease and with them their backing from the bones.

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