Juice diet of three days.

dietThe diet of juices is composed of the juice of three fruits – papaya, pineapple and tamarind, as are particularly suitable for lower weight. These products satisfying, low in calories and help eliminate body fat reserves. In each of these three days you must drink a glass of juice 250 cc. With breakfast and lunch, afternoon tea and dinner , drinking a total of one liter per day. You can also take an extra glass diluted in a pint of water mid-morning.

During these 3 days only drink three juices , without eating any solid food.

No need to overcome this period of time, since it is an unbalanced diet, and the body need nutrients , although the fruit met in this period the supply of nutrients necessary, lengthen mean a deficit of some, such as proteins. You will need to drink two liters of mineral water daily and you make light physical activity. It should also be a week before starting the diet drink the juice of these fruits .

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