If you exceed your diet

exceed dietEmotionalism while you fold your caloric intake too much fat diet and you won, I can already imagine the end of the day, about to vomit, hoping that my shoes are where you make your grace, (after all, I diet I recommended) but you can do in these cases?

Ideally, you take some time out of this program to gain weight, has a strict diet with less fat and sugar, take a thermionic supplement and do your cardio in the morning, made for a week that requires caloric expenditure.

like washing your brother’s car (I said I only wash your, but not free), prune your garden, help your mom with grocery bags or give any walk occasionally.

After that, start again, but slowly, and remember, and very frequent small meals, do not overdo it with food, add some fat at each meal but do not exaggerate.

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