Hungry between meals? Snacks that do not get fat to kill the bug

fat to kill the bugHunger or an empty stomach that usually appears between the main meals of the day is common that do not have to suffer for that fear to win kilos if spades between. Remember that doctors and nutritionists recommend to five meals a day and skip some of them with the idea of losing weight, it is a mistake.

Have a snack mid-morning and afternoon tea is healthy because, firstly, enables you to reach large meals with less hunger (thereby avoiding binges) and secondly, you keep your metabolism active for longer (which means higher consumption distributed heat throughout the day). The problem is not, therefore, eat something when you see the hunger but to eat.

Lack of time or laziness when preparing a healthy snack often makes recourse to the most simple: open a bag of chips, buy a sausage roll or pull the refrigerator. To avoid including in your shopping list the ingredients you need to take along with rich snacks able to satisfy the appetite without adding calories.
Snacks and crackers

They are perfect to carry in your purse or take mid-morning at work. Currently you have many options: bars grains , alone or with chocolate , fruits, etc., rice cakes and / or corn (some with only 30 calories), cookies and comprehensive sticks with different flavors … you have no excuse not to take any of these snacks , ready to consume and in addition to its satiating power provide plenty of fiber to your body.
Fat dairy

Are another great option (some do not need cold). Yoghurt, milk for drinking, drinks soy , etc., represent an alternative as healthy, able to appease the itch while you eat an extra amount of calcium for your bones.

Vitamins, minerals, antioxidant and cleansing properties what more could you want? Not only is allowed to take them between meals but you should. A mandarin, pear or apple are easy to eat at any time or place. In addition, at home you can prepare fresh juices, authentic sources of beauty and health.

To not be tired or that you find “boring” test, for example, have a fruit salad in the fridge ready to eat naturally when the hunger strike or a chunky minibrochetas variety of your favorite fruits.
Rolls light

With a little imagination and very simple ingredients can create your own selection of appetizers or snacks irresistible and low in calories. Try a slice of turkey roll for example filling it chopped hard boiled egg and pickles, thin slices of carrot, celery and onion, diced cheese and capers … you thousands of possibilities that will make buenisimas recover energy without fat .

The basis of these rolls can also be thin slices of smoked salmon, which are delicious if you accompany chopped egg, onion and pickles and / or capers). If you like sushi , this can be an excellent snack. Have trays and rolls made with seaweed and raw fish as healthier and calories “zero”.

If you do not want to give up bread, choose it or opt for comprehensive packages of toast or biscuits, perfect for a thousand combinations. With a few drops of olive oil and a thin slice of ham, you have a perfect snack. Other options include a product can be roasted or salted, for example some peppers with anchovies or strips of smoked cod … yummy!
Olives and vinaigrettes

Especially early are notoriously fat lot, something that is not true (in moderation). This type of snacks are best especially when it comes to drink in a bar. pickles, onions or flags provide very few calories and just keep it strong, some cockles and mussels steamed are another option to consider.

If you are one of the most greedy and want you to take a snack or in the middle of the day is something sweet, do not fall into the temptation of bakery products. Better try to take a few ounces of chocolate (black), a piece of cheese or cottage cheese with a little honey, a rusk with applesauce (more natural) or a good portion of gelatin, pure protein with zero fat.

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