How to make Christmas excess?

Christmas excessChristmas day we are not willing to give up the tasty and calorie foods will meet, but also do not want that January cost is accompanied by additional kilos. The solution is to offset the excess and leave unscathed from the vagaries Christmas Awesome!

Although it seems impossible mission, keep the line these days is not as complicated as you might think. It is not going afflictions or mentally calculating the calories of everything you take. These are special days in which meals and family dinners are a fundamental part of the holidays and give them no sense.

A Christmas without nougat?, miss the opportunity to taste a special dish delicate and tasty? … Unthinkable. But there are some tricks to prevent overload that would cause unnecessary after the holidays, you felt a distaste for those extra kilos you’ve caught without realizing it but it will cost to lose.

The key word is OFFSET. First, not all Christmas day are identified and involve special lunch or dinner, so it takes advantage of the quietest days for your body to recover from the excesses . It will cost very little because if you’re not used to eating too much, your body will ask (loudly!) A cleansing diet , detoxification and low in fat to help you regain your balance.

After several days of meetings gargantuan is quite normal appearing stomach discomfort resulting from slow digestion, feeling of belly swollen, due to gas or fluid retention , and malaise commonly known as indigestion. In those moments, nothing better for a few days to recover your normal rate of food with particular emphasis on the intake of fruits and vegetables, lean meats, boiled or baked fish and plenty of fluids, especially water and infusions .

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