How to lose weight permanently?

weight permanentlyLose weight for a while with weight lose diet is possible, but maintain a reduced extra weight for years – a task almost impossible. Experience shows that a year or two people come back to its original weight and often gain even more than his. As the saying goes, those extra pounds not only the return, but also friends with a lead. However, the real opportunity to lose weight permanently there. How do you get such a result?

It’s about the only currently existing method to solve the problem of excess weight once and for all – the surgery, or bariatric weight loss surgery. Most people will certainly have heard that in the world, such operations are done. Many people have seen television programs, for example, via MTV, where very often report on operations for weight loss and the obtained results.
However, many people are overweight, who have heard and know about the surgical treatment of obesity, never thought that this might be to them a direct relationship. That thought never occurred to them in the head. They thought that the surgery is used only for patients weighing 200 kg or more. In fact, after the accumulation of vast experience, modern medicine has significantly reduced the threshold for obesity, which can make such a transaction. Of course, if a person lose weight 3-5 kg, or about which operations are not talking. But if a person has 20 extra pounds, it is quite possible to consider such a possibility.
In order to decide for yourself whether you can think of surgery for weight loss, calculate your body mass index. To calculate BMI, lift up your height in meters squared (eg, 1.63 x 1.63 = 2.7). Then divide your weight in kilograms by the resulting value (eg, 63: 2.7 = 23.3). If your BMI is 35 or higher, then you already are a viable candidate for such an operation.
This is, perhaps, for someone to become bad news. But there’s a nice story, and all not so bad. The fact that all modern surgery for weight loss through punctures made without the cut. Accordingly, the cosmetic effect of this operation is very high, and the postoperative period is short. For example, for banding the stomach takes only one day of stay in hospital: a patient comes to the morning of surgery the next morning he goes home.
Results of surgical treatment of obesity simply amazing. Those people who were unsuccessful for many years a daily war with themselves, have made the plunge and finally threw off the burden of tens of kilograms of fat, just happy – they have started a new life.
At present, surgical treatment of obesity exists in three main ways: intragastric balloon, the imposition of the restrictive ring on the stomach (gastric banding) and gastric bypass.

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